About Me


This blog/life something that is in progress. I mean do we ever really know who we are, until it’s all said and done?

Who I am now, is a woman. A mom. A wife. I’m a writer, and I geek out on social media and creative communication type things (SEO, CMS, Analytics, etc.)

I am flawed.

I make mistakes.

I am a work in progress…and will be until I’m not. My Father recently died from Cancer, and watching him go through that taught me that we’re not really done evolving until our last breath. Perhaps we evolve still, even after that.

I’m inspired by real stories, which is why I wanted to tell my own. Certain parts of my life have been odd. Really messed-up stuff has happened. Painful chapters have been lived through. And yet, here I am…still standing (like Elton).

Give me a shout-out at stumblingbeautyblog@gmail.com (or fill out that handy little form below). Otherwise, grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine…and read some stuff.

Thanks for reading, and for being here. If you like what you read, and feel it in your heart to share it with others, then please do.

In Kindness,


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