Moving: Or How I Almost Became a Murderess (not really)

When I got the offer to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina, it was a mix of emotions for myself and my family. We were living in Las Vegas, and were comfortable there, but important things were missing from our quality of life; namely quality education and consistency in healthcare.

A move cross-country meant many options were weighed, leading to several iterations of a list detailing positives and negatives.


  • Amazing and consistent healthcare
  • Highly-rated schools
  • Closer to our families (instead of a day’s flight, we’d be within a few hours drive)
  • Southern Hospitality
  • Really good job opportunity (for me)
  • BBQ with Carolina-style sauce


  • We didn’t have any friends in Charlotte
  • My husband would have to look for a new job
  • Our daughter would have to leave her friends; for a middle school preteen, this is devastating
  • I would be giving up a job where I was working from home every day
  • We were scared of the unknown

I accepted the job, and set my start date. We had approximately 3 weeks to pack up the house, hire movers, drive 2 cars (along with a kid and dog) and move our entire life cross-country. Easy! (#insane)

To add to our already complicated list, and because we moved in the middle of Spring, we also had to add ‘enrolling kid in new school’ to the list. Because of this, we decided that instead of driving cross-country and chasing our belongings, my daughter and I would instead fly out a few days early to get the school situation settled. In hindsight, this was the best choice because it eliminated a lot of stress and it gave my husband and I a much needed bubble of space from each other.

Because I was so nervous about not getting everything packed up in time (compounded with the fact that my husband would tell me daily that we would not get everything packed up in time), I spent every last second I had packing boxes. I was also stressed out to the max because I was working about 12 hours a day, and was just so tired and stretched totally thin. My mood was sour, I had very little sense of humor left, and I just wanted everything that needed to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Because I’m human, I’ve yelled at my husband before, but nothing so terrifying and vile as ever come out of my mouth like the day that our movers came to the house. We were not done packing, and the clock was ticking.

Georgie stood at the top of the stairs, and proceeded to throw a triangular-shaped box down to me. The box came within centimeters of my face and almost hit me in the eye.

I was extremely tired, and my muscles were sore from packing and lifting boxes. But at that moment, I flew up those fucking stairs like Usain Bolt going after the Olympic Gold.

Was he trying to kill me?

Once I reached the top of the stairs I was seeing red. I practically levitated towards him with that box, and proceeded to attempt to beat the shit out of them with it.

Ladies you feel me right? I was mad.

I was so angry! I felt that I had packed up everything I could possibly pack up, while he’d spent time getting his car washed and in my opinion, had been screwing off while I had been busting my ass. It wasn’t the truth, but I was so tired and fed-up. And now, there he was at the top of the stairs throwing a triangular shaped box with three sharp corners directly at my eye as I stood on the lower level.

I would like to clarify at this point in time, that I am normally a very loving person. I love my husband with all of my heart, but stress does funny things to people, and at this point in time, stress had turned me into a full-blown banshee. All of the anxiety, fear, and frustration crashed into each other creating a frenzy of emotion that had me intent on beating the fucking shit out of my husband. Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, he’s totally fine…if not just a tad bit scared of the evil demon apparently living deep down inside of his wife. But. I. Was. Done.


Everyone made it to Charlotte safely, and after 4 months, our house is ‘mostly’ unpacked. The fear didn’t control us, (nor did the stress) and we are growing accustomed to our new city.

Here are some of the cool things we’ve done since moving here:

  • Georgie starred in Oklahoma! (He played Curly)
  • Sasha got all A’s and B’s on her report card
  • Sasha also had a long overdue orthopedic surgery, with a renowned orthopedic specialist
  • I’m commuting to work (!) #trainlife
  • Our dog has made a friend with a frog named Alice Creeper (named for the creeping (s)he does around our back patio every night
  • We started a garden and have grown our own herbs, tomatoes and the tiniest of bell pepper(as in a singular pepper, we are noobs)
  • Plus, Hamilton is coming to Charlotte next season and as avid Broadway enthusiasts we cannot wait 😀

And while it hasn’t been hundred percent champagne and roses, we have had our share of really great moments. We faced off against the unknown as a family, and we all gained from the experience. The best part for me was that we were able to start an entirely new chapter together, and in doing so we learned more about who we are, what we want, and what our limits are.

Oh, and I’ve resolved to always keep the sharp objects out of my hands when I’m angry. Going to jail just isn’t worth it. (And because I love him, blah, blah, blah).

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